Great Links for Students & Parents:

Common Sense Media is a great site designed for parents and kids to educate them on what’s coming out in the movies, tv, apps, games, books and music – you can even gear the site specifically to your children’s ages!
Here’s a great article from Common Sense Media for parents on questions to ask when your child starts bringing home school issued devices – What to Ask When Your Kid Brings Home a School-Issued Laptop
XtraMath is a great site designed to give your child
extra support in math skills with fantastic videos and encouragement through positive reinforcement!
Typing Web is a great place to really get into learning keyboarding skills and track progress!
Duolingo is a great site to learn a number of languages at your own pace – starting off from a beginner level all the way through proficient!  Earn badges, learn by conversing – best of all it’s free!  Just sign in with a Google or Facebook account!
Prodigy Math is a great web based math app that aligns to the common core and teachers can upload their own content to it to target individual student learning! Kids really love Prodigy and get a lot of solid math practice out of it too!