The Great Salt Bay PTO was started in 1988 (as GSBSA) to provide our school with a parent-teacher organization that could support our students in their many activities and provide assistance to staff and our many programs. Membership is automatic for all parents, teachers and administration.

Our PTO goals are as follows:

1. To provide a forum for open communication and better understanding between parents, teachers, administration, and School Board members.  Regular meetings allow for the informal exchange of ideas, questions, and concerns.  GSB PTO Executive Committee members are also available on an individual basis for parents and teachers. Contact them at

2. To organize and hold functions throughout the year to raise funds for specific school or administrative needs as well as to cover GSB PTO operating costs.

3. To present informational and educational programs for parents.  Programs are often in direct response to parents’ concerns and interests brought to the attention of the GSB PTO.

4. To provide assistance to teachers in the classroom and for special events by helping to coordinate volunteers.

Parents and staff will be notified of all regular meetings and special programs throughout the year via  e-mail.