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A message from the Athletic Director

Dear Parents, Students, and Community:

    Thank you for taking the time to support and participate in the Great Salt Bay Athletic Programs.  I believe that sports participation is an important part of your child’s educational development.  As the head of the Athletic Department I work to ensure a safe, positive, and enriching program for the students of our school and community.  There are several sports opportunities at Great Salt Bay School that your child may choose to participate.  
    The Great Salt Bay athletic department follows a code of sports ethics designed to offer the most enriching and positive athletic and educational experience for our students.  We work to cultivate awareness of athletic offerings and their educational impact.  Our programs are designed to emphasize the proper ideals of sportsmanship from both players and fans so as to create a lifetime impact of fair play and accepting outcomes.  We work to develop an understanding of the rules and guidelines of competition and maintaining a healthy perspective related to them.  We recognize that the purpose of athletics is to cultivate the whole being of a child including the physical, mental, moral, and social well-being.  We work to avoid practices or techniques that would be damaging to both our participants and others.  Our department supports students involvement in a variety of activities and does not discourage students from making choices regarding participation.  Finally, we work to exemplify self-control at all times including during adverse decisions.  I encourage both our participants and supporters to maintain a supportive attitude and judge the success of our programs on the basis of the attitude of the participants and spectators and their experiences rather than on the basis of wins and losses.
    I encourage an atmosphere of communication.  Talk to our coaches, at an appropriate time, about your child’s participation and any concerns.  Encourage your child to advocate for themselves and talk with coaches about their participation.  Feel free to contact me about our sports programs.  I welcome encouragement and feedback to maintain a solid athletic department. 
    Take advantage of the many electronic tools offered to ease in communication.  Below you will find a sports calendar with practice times and games.  This calendar is updated regularly to reflect any changes in the schedule.  All athletic forms are available below and can be printed at home.
    Thank you all for your support.  Your efforts with your children from supporting our contests and teams to transporting them to and from practices is greatly appreciated.        
        E. Jason Adickes
        Athletic Director