On Thursday, Oct 24th the GSB PTO will be running the Jog-a-Thon fundraiser. Every child in every grade will run an outside course in support of fundraising for the GSBPTO! Your child should have brought home from school an envelope for donations. This is the major fundraising event of the year for the GSBPTO, please donate generously. The money raised in grades K-6 goes to the PTO. Half of the money raised by the 7th grade goes toward their 8th grade trip and half goes to the PTO. The money raised by the 8th grade all goes toward their class trip. 

This is the major fundraiser for the year for the GSB PTO! Funds support curriculum supplies, school events, scholarships, etc. Please be generous!

Please send in your donations on Thursday in the envelope provided. Thank you for supporting this incredible school!

If you are interested in volunteering for this awesome, healthy fundraising event contact the GSB PTO! We need your help and support. 

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