Did you know that 1 in 4 kids in Maine are food insecure and that not having enough to eat impacts school performance, emotional well-being, growth, and physical health, all of which can have lifelong negative impacts.

Alex Nevens of Newcastle Publik House and Pete Erskine of Mexicali Blues, have teamed up with Greg Martens of Go Big for Hunger to help support local school meal programs. The trio plan to combine their strengths, including a love of live music, to raise money each month. Their campaign launched in December with a show at the Newcastle Publik House, by Maine’s working Dead, a Grateful Dead Tribute Band. The concert raised over $1,100, with 100% being donated to Great Salt Bay School’s Meal Program!

The next opportunity for live local music with 100% of proceeds benefiting school meals is Saturday, January 19th, when the Young + Sturdee Band performs in the Oysterhead Lounge.

Follow Go Big for Hunger on Facebook, and at http://gobigforhunger.com for all event details.

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